Microsoft has just recently announced a huge update for the Xbox One on November 12th. Included in the update are two huge items: backwards compatibility to everyone (not just those in the Preview program) and a redesigned dashboard.

The announcement of the latest Xbox One update was made during the Halo 5 launch stream, where Phil Spencer had already hinted towards announcing things beyond the Halo franchise. As well, with the announcement at E3 2015 in June, where it was revealed that the backwards compatibility would be available sometime in the fall of this year, both Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners have been waiting with anticipation over when they’ll be able to play some last generation’s classics on a current generation console.

As well, updating the dashboard just seems like something Microsoft does every five years. The original Xbox 360 dashboard was changed drastically to emulate Microsoft’s UI design for their phones and tablet. Now we’re seeing another dashboard change, this time hopefully with fewer or no ads.

With such a huge update, what are you most excited for? While backwards compatibility is an awesome feature to have, the dashboard’s design has always been one of the larger issues with Microsoft’s gaming consoles, so a freshening up might be just as well-received. Let us know in the comments!

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