There have been some dramatic moments in Hearthstone tournament history, but none are as infuriating as upsets caused by technical issues. Unfortunately, another one can be added to the record as it occurred at Dreamhack Winter’s Hearthstone Grand Prix in Sweden this week.

In the video below, you can see a match-up between players Borsss and Zetalot. Borsss is playing in a style much more greedily than tournaments often see, with careful plays being more common. At one point, Borsss’ Flamewaker is silenced. For those unfamiliar, Flamewaker is an important Mage card that shoots off two random points of damage whenever a spell is cast by its owner. Despite the card being silenced (that is, its effect is no longer present), Borsss fires off two spells quickly before throwing his hands up and taking his headset off.

While most assumed that he had forgotten and that this was a terrible misplay, it was eventually ruled to be a disconnect and that the players would have to restart their game. Despite being in a good position after the mistake, Zetalot had to restart and ended up losing the match. While it has been confirmed that a client crash did occur, this is another example of how eSports will always have those unpredictable and often unfair moments.

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