On Monday, November 9, Microsoft will announce a list of over 100 Xbox 360 games that will be available via backwards compatibility when the New Xbox One Experience launches on November 12 according to a tweet from Xbox engineering boss Mike Ybarra.

Currently, members of the Xbox One Preview Program have 30 titles available to play via backwards compatibility including Mass Effect, Gears of War, and Banjo-Kazooie. Microsoft has promised that more and more games will continue to be added to the library of backwards compatible titles. This includes every 360 game that will release through Games with Gold starting this month with DiRT 3 and

Xbox hopes that the addition of backwards compatibility — along with the host of other changes coming to Xbox One — can continue to separate the console from the competition. In a recent interview with Gamespot, Xbox Marketing Executive Aaron Greenberg said “I think it’ll be tremendous. It’s another differentiator for us. We’re going to be the only next-gen console delivering backwards compatibility.”

It will be interesting to see how people attach themselves to this new feature. Where Microsoft sees the potential for a “massive migration,” according to Greenberg, others in the industry don’t quite understand the appeal of playing old games on new consoles. EA COO Peter Moore spoke with IGN about backwards compatibility saying “In the old days, backward compatibility was to convince your mom to buy the new console — not that you were ever going to use it.”

The New Xbox One Experience is available for all Preview Members right now and will be released to everyone Thursday, November 12.

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