Battlefront has shipped some big figures since it’s release but since the publishers aren’t too keen to disclose actual sales figures it’s hard to say who’s bought it and where it’s being played. A third-party website that monitors server figures from noteworthy Electronic Arts games can help to throw some light on the situation though.

The website shows us that Battlefront has peaked at 183,329 players concurrently online over the last 24 hours with Xbox One having 106,401 players and PC having only 48,292 players concurrently online. The figures show that Xbox One and PC concurrent player totals combined still don’t add up to PS4’s total.

Now obviously there could be a number of contributing factors and these figures do not directly translate to sales but it does give a pretty good picture of who’s playing the game on which platform. Player Stats Network claims that it directly pulls the figures from EA’s servers, saying to NeoGAF that “we don’t calculate anything ourselves; these are direct numbers for every platform”. They have also monitored stats for games such as Battlefield and Need for Speed in the past.

No matter where the traffic is coming from however, the fact that Battlefront is pulling in over 300,000 concurrent users at any one time is still pretty impressive by anyone’s standards.