Blizzard EU forums has already posted the free hero rotation on their forums, allowing players to get an advance look of the 7 heroes that you can try regardless of whether you’ve purchased them or not.

  • Li Li
  • ETC
  • Arthas
  • Sonya
  • Tychus
  • Nazeebo (Available after you reach player level 12)
  • Butcher (Available after you reach player level 15)

The rotation features 1 Support(Li Li), 3 Warriors(ETC, Arthas, Sonya), 2 Assassins(Tychus, Butcher) and 1 Specialist(Nazeebo).

Besides ETC and Sonya, all of the characters featured in the free rotation are generally considered strong. Li Li’s unstoppable heals teamed up with Nazeebo’s Zombie Wall makes for a team fight you don’t want to be on the wrong side of.

Out of the 3 Warriors available, Arthas is the strongest. Blizzard has yet to fix Sonya’s squishy nature, and ETC needs some major changes if he wants to be considered a viable character again.

Tychus, Butcher, and Nazeebo are all very strong picks for a team. Nazeebo’s ability to push lanes and have a strong presence in team fights make him one of the more versatile characters.

Like every week, you’ll still be seeing characters not on free hero rotation, you’re just more likely to run into any of the free rotation heroes.

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