The heralded annual Fall Steam sale is merely days away and Steam has made mention of some changes when it comes to how the sales will be run this year. In years past, the sale would have some form of gimmick or minigame (moreso for the Christmas sales) and constant daily/flash sales. Often times these sales will only appear for a brief amount of time before they’re lost until the last day where there’s a ‘encore’ sale where a whole slew of games that showed up for incredible deals would return for last minute buyers. This year however, Valve has opted to change how the sales go.

According to a confirmation made to Eurogamer, Valve has revealed that these daily/flash sales during the sales event will be removed altogether. Instead, while games will still be featured and cycled out daily, the products will ‘stay at their most competitive discount, before and after they are featured’. This suggests that from the very beginning of the sale, all games that will have a heavy discount will have them immediately, or at least as soon as possible. This would allow convenience for patrons of the Steam store page of not needing to be concerned about being restrictive about when they should purchase games.

Valve made mention of this plan to Steam developers and publishers earlier in the day. Also citing that should brand new released games be unable to have their desired discount, the Valve will work closely with them to secure a plan of attack.

As reported at Shacknews the Fall Steam sale is due on the 25th of November to the 1st of December Pacific time. Meanwhile, the Winter holidays sale will occur between December 22nd to the 4th of January, 2016.

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