The reveal, taken from PC Gamer shows off what’s to be expected for a future update for Killing Floor 2. In the update pack titled ‘Return of the Patriarch’, the old boss character “Patriarch” from Killing Floor 1 will return as a boss character for Killing Floor 2. Currently, Killing Floor 2 uses Hans Volter as the boss wave character. A maniacal German doctor, obsessed with living forever through the Horzine chemicals that causes the hoards of enemy mutants.

The Patriarch will look a lot more stockier and mutated than his original counterpart. His biological body is now fully mutated and beefed up to a great lump of mass. His mechanical arm evolved into a high caliber gattling gun. His right leg is now mechanical. According to the Killing Floor lore, the Patriarch is Kevin Clamely, CEO of Horzine Biotech. It is then presumed that if the Patriarch is in fact the one man, this new form is still very much him. Which begs the question, how did a mechanical gun mutate? Ah video games.

The current reason for the Patriarch’s return, was for Tripwire Interactive to throw a monkey wrench into the game. Players would generally prepare for a boss fight with Hans in order to dominate him. Now, with a 50% chance for the bosses to be one or the other, it adds a level of randomness that makes it harder for players to predict and prepare for the final wave properly.

Also included in the upcoming content pack are 2 new maps: Black Forest & Farmhouse, a new perk, 6 new weapons, a new playable character, the microtransaction ‘Trading Floor Store’ and loads of fixes. Killing Floor 2 is currently having a 33% discount on the Steam store page during the Fall sale. So snag it up when you can! Killing Floor 2 is currently still in Early Access.


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