The Final Fantasy VX “Booster Pack +” that was announced for the 30th anniversary is finally here, along with some NieR: Automata themed goodies. It’s available for Season Pass holders, with a free version containing the Magitek Exosuit will be released later.

The booster pack contains items said to give you an edge in combat against monsters, and even fish. First, there’s Ragnarok, “a single handed sword allowing players to perform a powerful Warp-strike attack”. The fish related items are the Dragon Drain, a rod that slows down fish, making harder catches much easier, and Avior, a reel that can pull in fish with greater strength by sacrificing HP for line durability.

Also included will be 2 tracks from NieR: Automata that you can play while in the Regalia, or riding a chocobo. The two songs are “Song of the Ancients/Destiny” and “Weight of the World”.

There’s also an update that raises the level cap, allows the music player to be accessed on chocobos, saved photos being upped from 150 to 200, timed quests, and increased framerate on PlayStation 4 Pro light mode.

The pre-order bonus, A King’s Tale, will be available as a free download for all players starting March 1st from the Xbox Games Store and the PlayStation Store.

The update and Booster Pack are available now.

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