The Mass Effect-themed Loot Crate is now available for purchase.

Announced back in September, the crate was described as “an awesome specialty crate packed with rare and exclusive Mass Effect collectibles.” As usual, the contents of the crate are a mystery, and we know very little as to what will come inside the limited addition crate.

The Loot Crate website describes the crate as a “limited edition, thoughtfully curated crate of exclusive, specialized gear and collectibles for serious fans of the Mass Effect series.” The crate will come with eight items, and will have an estimated value of over $150. The crate will run collectors $75 in the United States, and $105 internationally.

Loot Crate claims that the crate is “a curated collection of rare and EXCLUSIVE Mass Effect collectibles so you can customize you look just like Shepard! This EPIC one-time-only crate gives you all the excitement of a cosmic adventure without all the terror and destruction of a Reaper attack!”

The Mass Effect Lott Crate will release in December, and will come just in time for Christmas.

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