Those of you holding a stockpile of legendary leg engrams like a Cold War nation stockpiling nukes are in luck. Bungie has just released a patch fixing their legendary leg engram issue where decripting one would yield no item. As well, Bungie also fixed the exploit that allowed players to grab the Sparrow Racing League premier items for free.

Anyone that abused the exploit will be able to keep their items, but they won’t work without buying the Record Book. Below is everything the patch fixes.

  • Fixed an issue where Exotic Leg Engrams did not decrypt into any items.
  • Fixed an issue where copies of “The Climb” FWC Ship was incorrectly providing Reputation.
  • This has been temporarily disabled on the Ship Collection kiosk and will be fixed in a future update.
  • Fixed an issue where the SRL Record Book, Vol. 1 items did not require the player to own the Record Book in order to acquire them.
    • Record Book items will not be deleted from players’ inventories, but will now require ownership of the SRL Record Book in order to equip the items.
    • Any progress already made towards the Record Book will be saved.
    • Warning: Record Book gear can only be acquired once. We are working on a future fix to allow players to attain additional instances in case of accidental deletion.

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