With December’s limited-time event Sparrow Racing League going strong, Destiny players might have wondered when exactly Iron Banner would return.

Bungie has announced that Iron Banner will return on December 29th, the day after SRL ends.

Iron Banner is a limited-time competitive 5v5 multiplayer event in Destiny where Light Level determines how powerful a character is in the match. Only players who are Level 40 and have a minimum light level of 220 can compete in the event. Bungie will announce the Iron Banner gear at a later date.

This will be the first Iron Banner since December’s update which adjusted weapon balance and made significant changes to the Titan Sub-Classes. The last Iron Banner was in November.

Recently, Bungie started selling level boosts for $30 that would boost new players up to level 25, and after saying that Destiny won’t be getting any “giant” expansions in 2016, Bungie clarified what type of content players can expect to see in the upcoming year.

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