Announced a fair while ago, the Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked expansions is available for purchase on Steam right now. Working with the fine folks over at Capi, Klei Entertainment has been working on changing the game from a standalone DLC to an integrated DLC. Initially, due to the amount of content included in the DLC, it was meant to be a standalone game. However, due to fan demands, the team ended up working overtime to change up their plans and made sure it was integrated with the base game.

The Shipwrecked DLC includes new content including new biomes, new boat crafting and sailing mechanics, new creatures, new islands, new seasons and loads of new craftable items. Since the DLC is part of the base game, all unlocked characters will be available for use in the new DLC, much like the Reign of Giants DLC.

Currently, the Shipwrecked DLC is not available for the Don’t Starve Together multiplayer beta as the game continues to receive bug fixes, balance and optimization. Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked is on sale in Early Access right now for $4.49 until the 9th of December.

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