Posted on EA’s official website, Peter Moore will be moving from his role as COO to Executive Vice President and Chief Competition Officer for Electronic Arts. Peter Moore will be leading their new Competitive Gaming Division, or CGD.

The CGD will focus on bringing EA titles to the Global eSports scene, with FIFA, Madden NFL, and Battlefield all being confirmed. According to the post, the CGD will focus around 3 core pillars for helping to build the eSports up around their games.

Competition, Community, and Entertainment. The idea behind any eSport is to bring fans of the game together, connecting with others from around the world via social media platforms.

EA notes that Peter Moore was the best pick for leading the team, “He was an early pioneer in championing competitive gaming programs, such as the FIFA Interactive World Cup and the EA SPORTS Challenge Series, and Peter’s personal passions for the player experience, sports and competition, make him a tremendous leader for this new division.”

Todd Sitrin will also be joining Peter Moore in the CGD division, as the Senior Vice President and GM of the CGD. He has been working with EA for 14 years, taking on several marketing and strategic positions over the years. Todd Sitrin will begin his work in the division alongside Peter Moore, with this description being provided to the public. “He will lead strategy and operations for the CGD, working closely with our development studios to create an exciting competitive platform in our games.”

The post concludes with a touching message from EA regarding the eSports division. “The formation of the Competitive Gaming Division is a groundbreaking opportunity for Electronic Arts to celebrate your passion for play and competition.  I’m excited to see what Peter and the team will share in the months ahead.”

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