Reddit user DominarRygelThe16th posted a video of an insane final battle in Blackhearts Bay in Blizzard’s MOBA Heroes of The Storm.

The match is about 35 minutes long. That’s long for a HOTS match. usually the run about 15-25 minutes, not 35. The kill count is also up around 100 – again, that’s high. You’re looking at 30 kills per team a game usually, so that’s about 60 total (in case you forgot math).

Abathur, who usually isn’t a teamfight type of champion, places a mine after what looks like an easy win for Blue team, deep tunnels over and absolutely destroys Sgt. Hammer. That shouldn’t have happened, logically. Abathur then proceeds to pick up the coins, puts them in the handin and the game is over.

Playing Abathur like that isn’t something that is supposed to happen. What he did was crazy. He was all in – go big or go home.

The full video was recorded by Sinvicta, who played Diablo in the match. Make sure you stay tuned to Gamespresso for more HOTS.

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