Studio Wildcard’s survival game Ark: Survival Evolved is going to have two-player local split-screen in it’s Xbox One release. It does not appear that the developers will have online split-screen.

The feature won’t be available for quite some time, however Studio Wildcard has plans to release it through an update in 2016. As of now, it appears that the feature will be exclusive to the Xbox One version.

“Many developers are abandoning split-screen local play, but we couldn’t stomach that for Ark!” Said Wildcard co-founder Jesse Rapczak . “Friends and families can look forward to working together to survive the environment, tame its inhabitants and unravel the mysteries of the island–all from the same couch.”

The Xbox One version of Ark: Survival Evolved launched December 16 for $35 on the Xbox Game preview program. The full game will arrive sometime in summer 2016 for a higher price, but gamers who buy the game during the preview period won’t have to pay any extra.

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