Crytek’s free online shooter, Warface, has been given a new update.  Adding in the boundless battlegrounds of “Operation Endless Skies”, new co-op missions and much more.

Operation Endless Skies brings five brand new maps to Warface, each one offering unique challenges and a distinctive visual style inspired by the landscapes of Africa.  Players will battle beneath the blazing sun as they lock horns with Blackwood across canyons, jungles, and spectacular structures, and discover a wealth of additional content and gameplay improvements that also come to Warface as part of today’s update.


Operation Endless Skies is accessible for newcomers and challenging for veterans.  Hit the coast and stalk the enemy through a grounded cargo ship in “Overboard”, fight to survive the hidden dangers of “Jungle Law”, take to higher ground in “Deadly Dam”, infiltrate a hidden lab in “Hollow Science”, and enter an ancient theater of war in “Coliseum”.

In addition to the mass of gameplay possibilities introduced by Operation Endless Skies, today’s update also brings an all-new Capture the Flag Versus map to Warface. Titled “Breach”, the map invites defending teams to fortify a warehouse and fend off rival players attempting to blast their way in with C4. As defensive barricades are blown apart and smoke begins to fill the building, both sides will have to keep their cool as they struggle for possession of a precious brief case.

Also new today is an updated version of the Safe House, a place where players can enjoy some target practice before hitting the front line. While getting ready for action, soldiers may also want to hit the shop and get hold of three deadly new weapons and four futuristic armor vests that add extra durability and style in battle.

Are you a fan of Warface?  Does this update put a smile on your Warface?  Let us know in the comments below.

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