Fallout Shelter is the interactive smart phone game that allows you to build the perfect Vault for your very own nuclear fallout! You can customize your rooms and oversee a community of fallout survivors all with the touch of your thumb.  And now, you can bring your furry friends into the Vault with you.

Bethesda has been keeping up with the seasons with their mobile updates, such as Thanksgiving’s turkeys and pilgrim outfits.  Vault-tec researchers have found that, with pets, the Vault community has had a positive growth in happiness and productivity.  In addition to this update, Bethesda has also included some convenient changes such as a sell-all option to save time with excessive inventory.  And you can now kick out lazy Vault-members to the Wastelands for not pulling their weight!

Fallout Shelter Vault

Who wouldn’t want one of these livening up the Vault?

Fallout Shelter has made over $5.1 on the iOS on its two first weeks after release, earning its place as the third-highest grossing game in the Apple Store.  Most of this revenue comes in from the in-game lunchboxes, because the game and updates themselves are free.

Fallout shelter is available now at the Applestore and on Googleplay.

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