Longtime fans of the 2000AD universe might soon see various game developers try a stab at Judge Dredd and other 2000AD characters and properties.

According to Bleeding Cool, CEO of Rebellion Entertainment, Jason Kingsley, recently announced plans to allow video game developers and publishers to make games that star characters such as the iconic Judge Dredd.  The company feels as though it is at capacity and cannot fully take advantage of various 2000AD characters and properties that would be ripe for a video game. Kingsley is personally excited to see what other video game studios can create with his company’s characters, especially the lesser-known Helltrekkers and other non-Dredd characters.

2000 AD

Rebellion Entertainment is unique in that it is both a game studio and a comic book publisher. While the company has made games such as the Sniper Elite franchises, it is the only company in recent years to make games with characters from the 2000AD franchise. Three games to be precise. One was 2006’s Rogue Trooper, and the other two both starred Judge Dredd. The better of the two games is Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death, a fairly well-received cult classic FPS where Dredd has to fight the evil, undead Dark Judges: Judge Fire, Judge Fear, Judge Mortis, and Judge Death.

We here at Gamespresso eagerly wait to see who will take Kingsley up on his generous offer and what game they will create.

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