Motiga, developer of the Xbox One and PC cross-platform free-to-play MOBA Gigantic, has delayed the title until 2016.

Motiga, who are behind the title have cut 16 in-house jobs as a result for the delay. This announcement was part of a range of changes detailed in a studio blog post, which you can find here.

The post reveals that this release delay has come due to information from beta testing periods. It states that Motiga ” received lots of valuable feedback throughout our testing phases, and as we reflect on the things we must accomplish to meet the expectations we have set for ourselves, it is clear that we need to move the launch window for Gigantic into 2016.”

It also explains why some staff have been laid off. This is because Motiga is a “pre-revenue start-up,” so finance and resources for the development of Gigant were already constricted. As they have now decided to extend the development cycle of the game, Motiga has had to “stretch those resources in the same fashion.” However, they are adamant in the fact that the studio is committed to delivering severance pay and job placement assistance to all 16 of its affected members.

For gamers hoping to get to grips with Gigantic sooner rather than later, Motiga simply wants us to wait. The studio is looking to share a roadmap for the direction of the game post-testing, including both build info and any core changes to the gameplay and focus of Gigantic.

You can now look forward to playing Gigantic on either Xbox One or PC sometimes during 2016.

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