Releasing their trailer at Jump Fiesta, a Japanese event and expo that celebrates Anime and Manga, Square Enix has thrown even more teasing for their upcoming Kingdom Hearts games. The trailer above features the premise for Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and some battle features from Kingdom Hearts III. Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is a HD remastering of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance as well as two extra unique portions that further tie the events of the game to Kingdom Hearts III. These include Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep which is a retelling of Keyblade Master Aqua’s story following the events of Birth By Sleep and Kingdom Hearts X, a cinematic sequence paint even more story regarding a new entity called the ‘Foretellers’.

The second half of the trailer shows off the graphical progress with Kingdom Hearts III and the various gameplay mechanics including the ‘Rides’ super attacks, various forms of magic, gunner mode, slide attacks and physical combo strings. Apart from that, the ‘Rapunzel world’ is shown off a bit besides Twilight Town and Merlin’s Tower.

Just more teasing as Square Enix places the release cards at the end of the trailer: Kingdom Hearts 2.8 will be released sometime in 2016 on the PlayStation 4. Meanwhile, Kingdom Hearts III still doesn’t have a concrete release date, but it’s reinforced that the release will be on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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