Live streamer Lobos Jr is well know for his extremely challenging playthroughs of From Softwares already difficult RPG’s. However his latest challenge is one of his most insane yet. Lobos has already completed some incredibly skilful tasks during his time streaming games such as a no bonfire run though Dark Souls II, even attempting to play the first Dark Souls whilst blindfolded.

For this particular challenge he decided to take on one of the trickiest bosses from Bloodbornes new DLC, The Old Hunters. The boss in question is the gargantuan beast by the name of Ludwig the accursed and not only does Lobos attempt this fight using only his bare hands he also happens to be in new game + 7. This means that the boss has an extremely increased amount of health but can also inflict a far greater deal of damage upon you.

As you may have guessed the fight proves incredibly tricky even for someone like Lobos. After a whopping 12 hours worth of attempts he finally manages to escape his own nightmare by slaying the beast in 38 minutes. But it doesn’t seem like Ludwig is going to be the last to fall to the mighty fists of Lobos as he continues to plough through the game without using any weapons at all.

You can see this incredible demonstration of skill in the video below.

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