If you have been missing Bioshock: Infinite’s Columbia, but still can’t pry yourself away from Fallout 4, this is just the thing that will help. Girlplaysgames has created a shockingly beautiful and detailed rendition of a mini-Columbia right there in the sky’s of over the radiated Boston.

Using an impressive ten different mods to get the job done, the creator says it “is pretty much the most expansive settlement I’ve created yet,” and “It took foreverrrrrr… especially those f****** lightbox hot air balloons!”

For anyone hoping to recreate it or build there own, she explains that 99% of the objects are straight from Fallout itself. She’s also added the save file for the game with the settlement to her original post here, and promises to release it as a single mod later on.

If you still haven’t jumped into Fallout 4, we loved it, our review calling it, “the first game that feels like a genuine Fallout game by Bethesda.” What do you think of a Fallout-styled Columbia? Let us know in the comments.

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