Heroes of the Storm is an upcoming MOBA launching on June 2nd and is already the talk of the PC gaming community. This new MOBA is another Blizzard jewel, and it represents over twenty years of their characters and maintains the proof of their overall effort to the gaming community. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check out all of the features on this new game, check out other articles Gamespresso editors have written by typing in the search box or clicking here.

You can also visit the website for Heroes of the Storm here.

Both sites will contain news and videos on the game’s features, which you are sure to drool over if you love MOBAs and/or Blizzard.

On top of all of the existing hype already, Blizzard has amped it even further by also announcing that from the launch date (June 2nd) through the whole first week of gameplay (June 9th), players will receive extra XP bonuses as well! As if we needed more reasons to play!!! With that extra 25% of XP, master skins just got a whole lot closer to achieving, and the level of anticipation is rising to even greater heights. Are you having trouble believing the XP bonus is real? The proof is in the writing, my friends.

What a way to celebrate launch! See you in-game!

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