Batman Arkham Knight was the conclusion to Rocksteady’s epic Batman video game trilogy. It practically did what Christopher Nolan and the Dark Knight trilogy did for the character, except in the video game world. Just because it is the end of the story, however, doesn’t mean all the fun is over.

In a Tweet from Rocksteady, it was confirmed that new DLC was coming to Batman Arkham Knight. Crime Fighter Challenge Pack #6, as it is called, includes three Predator challenges and 3 Combat challenges. They take place in areas seen in previous Arkham games, such as the Iceberg Lounge from Arkham City and the Sanatorium from Arkham Asylum. Even more great news is that with the game is getting the Batman Incorporated skin for free!

This DLC is out for PC today and will be coming to consoles next week. Batman Arkham Knight is available now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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