For most parents, the notion that children will mess up with technology is understood from the beginning. For Mohamed Shugaa, this became a reality when his son racked up a bill of £3,911 ($5,759 USD) on his iTunes account.

Although iOS devices have built in parental controls, with a statement even found on Apple’s website, it can’t be helped when your child learns the password. Which is exactly what Mohamed Shugaa’s son did. Being only 7 years old, Shugaa is claiming that his son didn’t understand what he was doing. His son was purchasing Dino Bucks for the popular mobile game, The Jurassic World Game.

The purchases were discovered when Mohamed Shugaa went to use his credit card at a store, being declined he called his credit card company. They put him through to the fraud department and he learned about the purchases between December 13th and 18th, with the total of $5,759.

Shugaa explained to The Telegraph that his son must have seen him put in the password and copied him, not realizing he was purchasing Dino Bucks at the time.

Mohamed Shugaa’s main complaint is for Apple, was that they didn’t send him one receipt at the time that the purchases were made. He didn’t figure out until much later what was going on, and its unlikely that he will be receiving a refund.

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