Destiny, like most online shooters, can sometimes be frustrating when players are not doing their best. Die, respawn, die, respawn, etc. It isn’t easy for developers to make sure each match is perfectly even among both sides. Bungie, however, has worked out some things to try its best.

In the first Bungie Weekly Update of the year, lead design Lars Bakken was asked about matchmaking in the Crucible and how he has tried to make things better. He states “One of the bigger complaints we received during Year One was that you could get into very lopsided matches in the Crucible.” So what was done to try and fix this?

A super secret algorithm was put into Destiny after each match for each player to rank their overall skill. How long this has been going on? Bakken stated that it began with the release of The Taken King, four months ago. When asked why players weren’t told Bakken said, “In order to really put it through the paces, we needed the raw, unbiased data. That gave us great results that allowed us to learn how to make it better.” He also stated that players would definitely be told about changes like this for the future “We promise. In fact, there are some new changes coming in the near future that are intended to help reduce what we call latency (what you call “lag”). We’re looking through all the new data now, and we’ll be taking measures to improve the experience.”

It is great that blockbuster online games like Destiny can be updated and always changing to keep players happy and excited. It would just be nice to know when we are being watched. If you have not yet experienced it for yourself, Destiny is available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, and PS3.

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