In a new YouTube video from BlackSmoke Billy, he shows us some amazing stunts that he performs with semi-trucks in GTA V. In order to pull off the stunts BlackSmoke Billy had to incorporate some mods, but what he accomplishes is still very impressive.

BlackSmoke Billy throws a C4 out of his truck window and detonates it just as the back of his trailer is passing over it. The result sends the trailer flipping through the air. The trailer then lands perfectly back onto BlackSmoke Billy’s truck as he continues to drive.

In order to make these stunts doable, BlackSmoke Billy uses the “nuke” mod to create a more powerful C4 that can send the trailer high enough in the air. BlackSmoke Billy also has to use the invincibility mod to ensure that he keeps himself from blowing up. Finally, BlackSmoke Billy changes the weight of the trailer to 10 grams to help get the proper height.

Check out the video below:

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