It has been a while since we’ve had our weekly dose of Destiny news through the weekly update, but they’re back and the first update of the 2016 brought news that there’s love in the air. Specifically, a new event will start up in Destiny called Crimson Days.

Though there’s still time for Bungie to share more details about the event before it kicks off on February 9th, what we do know is that it will come complete with a new 2v2 competitive multiplayer mode.

Called Crimson Doubles, the mode “features a special twist, born of new gameplay and mechanics that only battle-tested star-crossed lovers will appreciate. You’ll need a dancing partner – preferably one that compliments your fighting style. The two of you will have a chance to earn some “sweet” loot together in the Crucible.” As for what that special twist is though, we will just have to wait and see.

destiny crimson days

Crimson Days is the most recent in what Bungie is considering “event-based” additions to the game. Last month Derek Carroll explained, “With Taken King, we are moving to a more event-based model–things like Festival of the Lost and Sparrow racing, which is our winter event, and then smaller events such as Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris every weekend” instead of massive paid expansions.

Will you be grabbing a partner for Crimson Doubles? Let us know in comments below.

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