The results of a new survey from the Game Developers Conference shed some light on which platforms are currently being developed for.

The survey, titled the State of the Industry report, includes 2,000 developers from all around the world.

The platform most-currently being developed for by those developers was found to be PC, with 52% of responders working on a game for it, which is a four-point decrease from the previous year.

Following PC, 44 percent of developers reportedly are developing games for mobile, smartphones and tablets.

As far as consoles go, 27 percent are developing for PS4 while 23 percent are for Xbox One. Both of these percentages are a one-point increase over the previous year.

However, only five percent of developers claimed to be working on a game for Nintendo’s Wii U, while just 2 percent are working on a 3DS title. Both of these percentages are down one point from 2014.

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