Even though the Witness only released yesterday, multiple reports of motion sickness have already emerged online from gamers working their way through the colorful, first-person puzzle game.

While player theories for the motion sickness range everything from the colors, to the Field of View and the lack of a reticle, there is no doubt it is an issue. Responding on Twitter to a fan complaining of the problem the games creator, Jonathan Blow said, “I will at least hack something in pretty soon and we will see how it helps.”

It’s worth noting the lack of a reticle theory likely holds the most water as other games have experienced similar issues in the past. The original Mirror’s Edge eventually just added a single dot in the center of the screen, as a reticle, to alleviate the issue.

The Witness was featured earlier this month on our list of the most anticipated PS4 games and is already getting stunning reviews. Check back on Gamespresso later this week to see ours.

Are you playing the Witness? Have you experienced any issues? Let us know in the comments.

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