Much like last month’s Fallout 4 themed outfit, Harmonix has announced another game lending a bit of style to Rock Band 4. Psychonauts and Double Fine Studios will have a fashionable outfit of their own headed to the rhythm game. Announcing the free content on Twitter, both developers showed off the Raz’s flight helmet and Whispering Rock Summer Camp t-shirts.

The Rock Band developer teased the DLC last month saying, “We’re teaming up with another amazing studio for a set of tie-in clothing assets that we’re pretty sure you’ll be psyched about.” We see what you did there, Harmonix.

In the same update, the studio recently announced they would also be wiping the online leaderboards. An exploit in the game’s code has allowed some to gain double-points in some circumstances. A fix for the problem will come alongside the wipe. Unfortunately, we still don’t have a firm release date.

As for recent Psychonauts news, the original PS2 game was just announced for PS4 and Psychonauts 2 was successfully crowd-funded.


Will you be rocking out with your Whispering Rock t-shirt and flight helmet? Let us know in the comments.

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