Emotes have only increased in popularity with online multiplayer focused games and The Division plans to join the party as well. For console players who don’t have a mic, emotes can become the main way to communicate in-game, and developers need to create a range of emotions to convey.

YouTube streamer Arekkz Gaming has released a new video showcasing all of the current emotes that are available for players to use in The Division. The emotes are Salute, Surrender, Help, Applaud, Jumping Jack, and Wave.

PC players will still have the ability to chat with keyboard if they don’t have a mic, but PC gamers run the risk of not having the right equipment to run the game. So to prepare for the game’s release, Ubisoft announced the PC specs and features for The Division.

The Division’s multiplayer beta starts next week and players who pre-ordered the game will get a 48-hour window to pre-load the game before the beta goes live. Ubisoft partnered with popular YouTubers to create four live-action prequel videos showcasing four different agents during the early stages of the outbreak in post-pandemic New York City.

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