Teased over on the Pokken Fighter twitter account, some more Pokemon was to be announced as new fighters to the currently arcade-exclusive title. Thanks to Corocoro magazines, it is now revealed that there are actually three Pokemon. They are Braixen the 6th generation fire starting Pokemon, Garchomp the dragon-type and standard Mewtwo who, despite having numerous forms within the game already, will make an official roster appearance.

According to the post, Braixen will played in a ‘keep-away’ fashion which implies her long range moveset is her ideal playstyle with lots of potent abilities that can zone out enemy combatants. Garchomp is expectedly a power-house type with insane damage via various physical moves including Dragon Rush and Sand Tomb. There is also a small image showing off Garchomp’s mega form- an ability that numerous other Pokken characters also have. Not much else is mentioned about Mewtwo, whether or not he’s a clone of Shadow Mewtwo or if the playstyle will be different.

Pokken Fighter will be available globally on the Wii U as of March 18th, 2016. So any queries and upcoming details will be explained then. Or if you have access to the Japanese arcades. In the meanwhile, we can only wait longingly to finally play with Lucha Pikachu.


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