It’s time for a new GTA Online Special Event. Following on from the Tron based Deadline Mode comes “Kill Quota”, bringing new discounts on vehicles, clothing, and weapons plus the new Adversary Mode the event is named after.

Running until the 28th November comes the 16 player Kill Quota Adversary Mode. Loosely based on the Call of Duty multi-player mode “Gun Game”, 2, 3 or 4 teams fight to cycle their way through a choice of lists of weapons. Starting with extremely powerful, moving down to a one hit kill melee item, the aim is to reach the kill quota for each weapon level, before being able to move to the next deadly item on the list.

The host will choose which list of weapons will be available prior to the match starting, from these loadouts:

  • Loadout 1: RPG > Minigun > Special Carbine > Heavy Revolver > Sawed-Off Shotgun > Machete
  • Loadout 2: Railgun > Combat MG > Musket > Heavy Sniper > Pump Shotgun > Knuckle Duster
  • Loadout 3: Sweeper Shotgun > Compact Rifle > Mini SMG > Compact Launcher > Double Barreled Shotgun > Pool Cue
  • Loadout 4: RPG > Railgun > Heavy Shotgun > Advanced Rifle > AP Pistol > Knife

The battles will take place across 7 maps, and award double RP and GTA$ for taking part.

Southern San Andreas Super Autos have a new vehicle to purchase as part of the Thanksgiving Event. The Youga Classic resembles the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo, and is designed with cool dude beach style in mind.

Black Friday Deals have even come to GTA Online. Rockstar games are offering 25% off the Buckingham SuperVolito and SuperVolito Carbon vehicles, Rims, Turbo, Liveries, Resprays and Engine Mods from the customization mode, Biker Clothing (not including Deadline Outfits) and Tattoos from appropriate stores, as well as the Compact Rifle, Carbine Rifle and Assault Rifle from Ammu-nation.

The Kill Quota Event is definitely full of offers and bonuses. There is even triple RP on the High-Flier Motorbike race to help boost your characters level.

These offers and events will be available on GTA Online for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows 10 PC until November 28th

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