Indie developer and publisher Ustwo is partnering with iam8bit to launch a new line of merchandise for Monument Valley just in time for the holiday season. Sold directly through iam8bit’s online store, the new line of merchandise features t-shirts, plushies, pins, and more from the acclaimed puzzle game.

The Monument Valley t-shirts were designed by developer Ken Wong and feature the Escher-like scenes from the game, along with characters like Ida, Totem, and the Crow People. The plushies are cute, while some pins are also available.

Head to iam8bit’s online store to learn more and place an order. The company notes that all of its Monument Valley merchandise is produced in “low quantities with an eye toward premium quality.” The t-shirts sell for $25, while the pins go for $10. The Ida and Crow plushies are offered for $22.50, while the Totem one sells for $35. All orders placed prior to December 15 should arrive before Christmas.

Monument Valley was featured on an episode last season of the show “House of Cards.” To see the game in action within the show watch this video. For further details explaining how the indie game made its way into the mainstream hit “House of Cards,” check this link.

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