For the upcoming Lunar New Year this coming Sunday, Mojang are doing their dues and released a ‘Journey to the West’ skin pack for these versions of the game. For the price of $1.99, you can obtain the plethora of skins that pertain to the legendary Chinese story. Microsoft released this statement with the release of the pack:

Minecrafters can celebrate the Year of the Monkey as the Monkey King himself or one of over a dozen characters from the iconic Chinese folk story

The skins relate to the story of the Monkey King and his Journey to the West with the Monk as they receive the scriptures. Due to that, there are a multitude of skins that feature the various character encountered in the story; here’s the list:

  • Princess Iron Fan
  • Lord Hundred-Eyes
  • Bull Demon King
  • Monkey King
  • Jade Emperor
  • Monk Pig
  • Friar Sand
  • Lady Earth Flow
  • Spider Demon
  • Guanyin
  • Xuanzang
  • Pale Bone Demon
  • Black Wind Demon
  • Scorpion Demon
  • Red Boy

Should you choose to not want to purchase the entire pack for its $1.99 price point, you also have an option to download Red Boy and Guanyin for free. Also have a good Monkey Lunar New Year everyone!

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