The most recent expansion for Neverwinter, Underdark, has made its way to Xbox One and is available now.

“Born from the Rage of Demons storyline, Neverwinter: Underdark calls upon adventurers to quell the invasion of powerful demons spilling out of the Abyss after it was opened by an errant spell cast by the Archmage of Menzoberranzen.”

Posting on the game’s website, developer Arc teased, “Demons have invaded Neverwinter! It’s up to you to vanquish them back to the realms from which they came. Journey into the Underdark where darkness conceals the many dangers that lurk within.”

Including a questline written by acclaimed fantasy author R.A. Salvatore, the expansion also adds new end game content. Prophecy of Madness and Throne of the Dwarven Gods are two new skirmishes, while a new ten-player raid pits groups against the demon lord Demogorgon.

Last week, the free-to-play MMOs next expansion, The Maze Engine, was announced for PC. Along with adding end game content, it will also add a new solo campaign and overhaul the game’s mount system. Neverwinter: The Maze Engine will likely follow to Xbox One later this year.

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