Humble Bundle’s latest deal includes tons of DLC across different titles.

Paying the standard $1 or more will get you access to Awesomenauts, a 30 day premium subscription to Curse, and three different add-on content packs.

Paying $5 or more will get you a 4-pack of Vertiginous Golf, and War of the Vikings. There are also 3 add-on packs included in this tier.

Spending $12 or more(the highest tier for this bundle), will get you Life is Feudal: Your Own, as well as two more add-on packs.

The add-ons across all 3 tiers are for Heroes & Generals, Dirty Bomb, WildStar, Path of Exile, Smite, Neverwinter, and Robocraft. All of the games with featured add-ons are free to play with micro transactions. By purchasing the Humble Bundle, you can unlock extras for the games you wish to play.

As always you can split up how you’d like to spend the money, splitting it across 3 different tiers. Developers, Charity, and Humble Tip. Each are an important part to keep Humble Bundle running.

You can buy the bundle off of the official website.

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