Despite not having a game out for mobiles yet, Nintendo has started supporting phones for their dedicated fanbase.

Currently only available in Japanese(although apparently easy to navigate), Nintendo has released a Super Mario Maker where you can create your own background. The support is for both Desktops and Mobile.

This is not an alternative to the Super Mario Maker, as the levels are not playable, and you have a limit on how many blocks you can put in. This makes sense, considering how well Super Mario Maker has been selling for them.

The interface, being mostly picture based, is intuitive enough for most to figure out. Although I will admit I still tried to read the Japanese. You can check out the full website here.

DeNA, who is working on collaboration with Nintendo to bring the mobile games to life, has said they want to make $25 million a month off of the products. One of the last times we heard about the mobile plans was back in December, when Nintendo was also addressing the new loyalty program. Nintendo told Time Magazine in the interview that they ‘aren’t afraid to do things differently’ in regards to the new Mobile games.

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