Payday 2’s latest DLC, Wolf Pack, should be memorable for players of the original game.

The DLC includes two heists from the original PayDay title, the Undercover and Counterfeit jobs. For veteran players that purchased the original Wolf Pack DLC, you’ll be able to download the new one for free.

The DLC is available for $6.99 through Steam for those that haven’t purchased it in the past.

Aside from the new heists, you can look forward to Patterns, Materials, and 4 new masks, all inspired by Wolf, Simon Viklunds 2016 renditions of Home Invasion and Three Way Deal, A secondary grenade launcher “China Puff 40mm”, “The Pounder”(A melee nailgun weapon), and 10 new achievements have been added on top of some of the classic ones making a return.

This is Payday 2’s 31st DLC.

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