Splatoon will be getting eight new weapons and a balance patch in the next major update according to a post on Splatoon’s Tumblr page.

Four of the eight new weapons have been revealed, and they are the Wasabi Splattershot, Berry Splattershot Pro, Fresh Squiffer, and Permanent Inkbrush. The other four weapons will be announced before the update goes live on April 12th.

Weapon adjustment will be the main focus of the update, but the update will also include some changes to the special meter and swim speeds. Before the update if players died they would respawn with fifty percent less of their special meter filled, but now it will depend on which weapon was wielded at the time of death. Swim speed will now depend on which gun players carry and heavy weapons like the Dynamo Roller or the Splatling will reduce swim speed by ten percent. The full changelog can be found on Nintendo’s website here.

Maintenance and update implementation will cause the Splatoon servers to be shut down from 4:30pm to 6:00pm PT on April 12th, but they will be back up and running by 7:00pm PT.

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