Despite still being in early access, 7 Days to Die, under the publishing arm of Telltale Publishing, will be playable on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 soon. Next month, the game will hit the digital stores and be available for $29.99 USD. The main difference between this version and the PC version is the added local multi-player split screen.

7 Days to Die is an open-world survival game where the players need to survive against the zombie hordes that inhabit the land. There are a wealth of features including crafting, shooting, mining, exploring and character experience progression.

It has been nearly 3 years since 7 Days to Die was released as Early Access on Steam. According to the developers, the game is still in alpha state, so there is more content on its way for the game. In the meanwhile, if you pre-order the game for the console release, you’ll also receive 5 character skins from the Telltale series including Michonne and Lee Everet

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