In just two weeks, the amount of interest generated for Gears of War 4 during the beta has led Microsoft to believe that it will the biggest game for the colossal company. Starting from the week of April 18th, Gears of War 4 entered closed beta. The week after, the beta opened up to the public. The total  amount of players during this beta totaled to a respectable 1.6 million players.

After the impressive number came in through the April 2016 NPD report, Microsoft’s PR has touted Gears of War 4 a ‘what is expected to be our biggest game of the year’.

Gears of War 4 sets 25 years from the events of Gears of War 3 where the player takes control of new characters, one of which is J.D. Fenix, the son of series protagonist, Marcus Fenix.

The game does not have any future beta events coming up in the foreseeable future, but we’ll keep an eye out of any future announcements. Gears of War 4 will be available on October 11th for the Xbox One.

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