The Prototype Biohazard Bundle will be coming to Xbox One and PS4, featuring Prototype and Prototype 2 as remasters of their past gen selves. Activision have revealed that the current gen remakes will include full HD visuals, increased framerate and upgraded textures.

Originally announced on the Major Nelson site for Xbox One, the release to PS4 has also been announced officialy via a trailer to Activision’s YouTube channel above.

Prototype is the story of Alex Mercer, a man with memory loss and mysterious powers finding out the truth about his past and discovering what is happening to the viral New York City along the way. Prototype 2 picks up after the first game where Alex Mercer is now our antagonist and this time around you play James Heller, a man who has lost his family and after receiving the same powers as Mercer, seeks vengeance for his family’s deaths.

The bundle is available for digital download right now but won’t be released physically until August 11th in North America. The games are approximately a 17GB download from PSN and Xbox Store and will cost $49.99.

Source: Gamespot.

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