It may be hard to remember with how many people play it, but Ark Survival Evolved has not been officially released yet. It is still on early access. In a promotion called Official Mods Program, players were allowed to make mods that could be integrated to the game. Our first winner of the bunch is finally here.

The Crater, made by Ben Burkart has been added to Ark Survival Evolved in PC patch 241 and Xbox patch 734. It adds nearly double the amount of world to explore, including more mountain terrain and even a live volcano. The newly added areas run on separate save data, so players won’t have to reset their files to check out the new land. The patch also includes 100-Center severs for PC, more server options, and some more bug fixes as per usual.

You can see all the patch notes here. Ark Survival Evolved will be released sometime in 2016 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. You can play it now on Steam and Xbox One.

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