Killzone developers “Guerrilla Games” seemingly couldn’t keep their excitement contained for next week, as the company has recently created a Twitter account and, more importantly, teased a new IP.

The image in question (which you can find below) depicts a utopian coastal town, far-off mountains that are begging to be climbed, glistening waters and a beautiful sun climbing over the horizon, bathing the city in a rosy hue. In other words, it’s looking nothing at all like the grit of Killzone’s dystopian, modernised cities.

Personally, I don’t see us finding any Helghast here:


Suitably enough, Guerrilla Games’ new IP was rumoured to be entitled “Horizon,” and in May 2014 Eurogamer heard that it could be an open-world RPG but nothing has surfaced since. It has been described as “completely different” to their previous titles; Producer Poria Torkan was reported last year to say “It’s exciting times. If I even say one word, people will kill me,” so naturally anticipation is rather high.

Although Twitter accounts being created don’t seem exciting, one of the latest tweets of the Dutch developer’s managing director, Hermen Hulst is headed to E3, so the timing seems quite coincidental.

The Guerrilla account has not yet tweeted as of the time of writing, but their header is the image seen above so announcements seem incredibly likely.

As the Killzone devs are owned by Sony, any announcements would more than likely be made during Sony’s briefing, which kicks off at 6PM EDT on Monday. Keep your eyes on Gamespresso for all our E3 coverage so you can keep up with all the news and see if we get any more on Guerrilla’s newest project.


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