Soon you will be able to enjoy the vast expanse of Elite Dangerous from the comfort of your couch. Elite Dangerous: Horizons will make its way to Xbox One in Q2 2016, meaning sometime before the end of June.

Continuing to update Elite Dangerous, Frontier Development has broken the game’s ongoing expansions into seasons. The second season, Horizon, kicked off on PC with the introduction of Planetary Landings in December. Another large scale update, called The Engineers, is set to bring a range of customization options to the game and will launch alongside the Xbox One version of Elite Dangerous: Horizon.

Moving forward, Xbox One owners will receive game updates the same day as PC owners. Horizon’s planned content includes the addition of looting and crafting, Multicrew features allowing multiple players to assume roles on a single ship, Commander Creation to allow for personalized avatars, and even ship-launched fighters.

“Elite Dangerous delivers an enormous amount of rich gameplay, and is a game developed with an ambitious long-term vision. With an ever-unfolding player-driven story and community activities, we are always developing new features and content to further expand gameplay,” the developer teases on the game’s website.

Will you be picking up Elite Dangerous: Horizon on Xbox One? Let us know in the comments.

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