The 1.2 update for Tom Clancy’s The Division is coming up extremely soon. The focus is on adding changes and fixing some of the mechanics when it comes to combat. Some of the changes include a rework of the Dark Zone and an end game contract system in order to give players who are far into the late game a reason to return to the PvE sections of the game.

To get into a bit more detail, Ubisoft hosted a livestream which you can view right here.

In short, in order to provide a reason for the PvE world after completing them for seasoned players, new ‘High-Value Target’ are appearing in the world. By completing a zone’s objectives, new ‘Search and Destroy’ missions appear on the boards for players to complete, allowing them to fight harder enemies and gaining Intel Tokens. You can use these tokens to purchases High-Value Target contracts which allow you to hunt down extremely strong bosses that give excellent loot.

Meanwhile, for Dark Zone players, there are now brackets. Players with over 200 ‘item levels’ worth of gear will be segregated into its own circle of hell. Furthermore, enemies between level 32-34 will also appear and will also drop matching item level weapons. To add to the excitement of receiving loot, some of the items will be in ‘Sealed Cache’ which can only be opened in the players stash. Speaking of, stashes will now be in Dark Zone checkpoints. Furthermore, players will need to be careful when extracting loot as the ropes can now be cut by enemies.

Some of the items you get can be extremely powerful, such as the armor sets. When you equip 4 different items in the set, you’ll get a special ability bonus. The abilities mentioned by the developers were ‘Final Measure’, ‘Hunter’s Faith’, ‘Lone Star’ and ‘Predator’s Mark’.

Finally, the new Incursion mission will be available in the update, titled ‘Clear Sky’. For all the above content arriving in the 1.2 update for The Division, you’ll only have to wait a couple more nights as its release is set for the 24th of May.

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