Rising Tide expansion announced for Civ: Beyond Earth

2K and Firaxis Games have announced the next expansion for Civilization: Beyond Earth, expanding gameplay into the ocean.

Rising Tide, according to 2k, “enhance theBeyond Earth experience by adding a variety of new gameplay capabilities and providing near limitless ways for players to create a new future for humanity on an alien planet”.

Players will be able to explore the vast oceans for colonization by building floating settlements over-top natural resources hidden withing the depths of the sea, all while competing against rival alien enemies. The expansion will also overhaul the diplomacy system, adding a number of new dynamic choices and options that will shape relationships between the player an AI.

A new Dynamic Leader Traits system has also been introduced, giving both players and AI leaders the opportunity to unlock new traits through their actions in-game, which will affect the changing world around them. Certain traits will also play a factor in the new Diplomacy system, adding attributes such as Fear and Respect.

Other features:

New, Enhanced Diplomatic Options: Shape the diplomatic landscape by using political capital to upgrade your traits, change diplomatic relationships, and leverage the benefits of your allies’ traits.

New Sponsors: Four new factions have been added to the game including Al Falah, nomad explorers descended from wealthy and resilient Middle Eastern states that possess a rich cultural and commercial heritage.

New Artifact System: Collect and combine powerful relics to unlock new perks, unit upgrades, and buildings for your faction on the new world.

New Hybrid Units: Affinities are competing visions for the future of humanity. By investing in multiple Affinities, rather than specializing in just one, players can unlock special hybrid Affinity units and upgrades.

New Biomes: Two new world types have been added. Primordial worlds are rife in volcanic activity and the chaotic landscape of a world still forming. Frigid worlds have cooled in their great age, their surfaces covered with icy oceans and frozen tundra.

Rising Tide builds upon the lore of Beyond Earth, breaking away the historical boundaries of the original franchise and furthering mankind’s search for a new home in outer space,” said Firaxis Games director of creative development Sid Meier.

“Whether colonizing the planet’s oceans, acquiring new Affinities or meeting exotic new leaders, aliens and units for the first time, Rising Tide offers more ways for players to write their own stories on a new world.”

Rising Tide launches later this Spring for Windows PC.

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