An extended edition of the Pokemon ad that will be playing during this year’s Super Bowl has been released. The Super Bowl edition will only be about 30 seconds, while this version is slightly over a minute. The phrase “I can do that” and “train on” were quite prevalent, possibly being an extended ad for their VR game, Pokemon Go.

The 30 second ad that will air on February 7th ends up costing around $5 million, according to a new report on ad space prices during the Super Bowl.

This definitely won’t be the first time a video game purchased ad space during the Super Bowl. Last year, Clash of Clans and Game of War had their own Super Bowl commercials. In 2010, Dante’s Inferno had its own trailer for the Super Bowl.

This year might as well be named Nintendo’s Year of Pokemon, with this being the 20th anniversary of the franchise. How else Nintendo will be celebrating this, we’ve yet to see.

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